To Provide Support and Services for Individuals With Disabilities to Develop as Participatory Citizens


About Us



Our Vision:

 Participatory Citzenship

Our Mission:

To Provide support services for individuals with disabilities to develop as participatory citzens.

Respect        Integrity        Teamwork

bulletWe believe that every individual has worth, and shall be treated with dignity and respect
bulletWe believe that all individuals have the right to develop socially and vocationally to their fullest potential by having access to quality programs and services.
bulletWe believe that each individual has the right to make informed choices and decisions about their future, striving for maximum independence
bulletWe subscribe to standards of professional excellence and integrity in services to our clients and customers
bulletWe believe in professional development in the field of rehabilitation, in the interest of best practices
bulletWe believe in teamwork, and that we all have an equally important role to play in the provision of quality services.



Admission to CHACI is open to persons with disabilities of any sex, race, religion or ethnic origin.  Potential applicants must meet the Agency's admission criteria for residential and/or vocational services, and it must be demonstrated that the applicant could benefit from the particular program capability of CHACI

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Vocational Services


Activity Centre

A day program offered to adults who have developmental disabilities and /or multiple disabilities.  Pre-vocational, life and social skills are enhanced.


Sheltered Workshop

A day program for adults with developmental disabilities designed to strengthen vocational skills.


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Residential Services


bulletHouston House

A residential facility for adults who have developmental and/or multiple disabilities.  Residential services are offered in a family-like setting.  It is licensed for six residents.

bulletShaunavon Group Home

A residential facility for adults with moderate developmental disabilities.  Residential services are offered in a family-like setting.  It is licensed for four residents.

bulletGroup Living Home

Group home living assists adults who have developmental disabilities to live semi - independently in a home in the community



Independent Living Program

The Independent Living Program assists adults who have developmental disabilities to live semi-independently in a home in the community.


Transit Service - Shaunavon Van for the Disabled

CHACI provides transportation within the Town of Shaunavon for persons with physical or mental disabilities who cannot travel with dignity and comfort by other means of transportation.  Priority usage is for CHACI.  Transportation is also prioritized for work, school or medical appointments, in that order.  Coordination of transportation services is under the sole auspices of the Van Operator.

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The Cypress Hills Ability Centre, Incorporated (CHACI) was established in 1989, as a result of the merger of two diverse organizations: The Cypress Hills Developmental Association Incorporated (CHDA) and the Shaunavon Ability Centre, Incorporated (SAC).  The CHDA was formed in 1974 to provide residential services to persons with developmental disabilities.  The CHDA operated a group home (Houston House), a developmental centre, a supportive living program, and a transit program (Shaunavon's Van for the Disabled) for persons with disabilities.  The SAC, a sheltered workshop was established in 1983 and provided vocational services to persons with development disabilities.  The SAC operated an activity centre, a sheltered workshop, a trophy business, and a recycling depot.  In 1989 another group home (Shaunavon Group Home) was established.  In 1993, a Supported Apartment Living Program became operational.  In 1999 and again in 2002, CHACI met the SARC standards of excellence and received a full 3 year accreditation.  In 2006 a group living home was opened and became operational.

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Structure and Staffing

CHACI is governed by a community based, volunteer Board of Directors.   Directors come from a wide variety of backgrounds, but must have a sincere interest in the welfare of the Agency, its Clients, its Administration and its Employees.   CHACI attempts to recruit Directors from (but not limited to) the following professions:

bulletRehabilitation Practitioners

Staffing varies depending on the number of programs and services offered.  CHACI is continually expanding to meet the needs of disabled persons in the community.  At present, staffing consists of:

bulletChief Executive Officer
bulletDirector of Programming
bulletHR Manager
bulletOffice Assistant
bulletWorkshop Supervisor
bulletActivity Area Supervisor
bulletSupported Employment Services Job Coach
bulletProgram Support Workers
bulletGroup Home Operators
bulletDirect support Workers
bulletIndependent Living Worker
bulletProgram Co ordinator
bulletCasual Relief Staff

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